Synchronised skating is a team sport where figure skaters perform a program together. It uses the same judging system as singles, pairs, and ice dance skating and is judged on teamwork, precision, difficulty and performance.

Basic Novice Harmony

This team competes in the Novice or Mixed Age category, locally and nationally (subject to qualifying score). They also participate in exhibition performances.

Junior Eclipse

This team competes in the Mixed Age category. The members of Eclipse are currently training to compete in the Junior category. They compete nationally and internationally and regularly perform in exhibition skates.

Adult On Edge

On Edge are the entry-level adult team. For adult skaters, Synchro provides friendship and support while participating in a competitive discipline. They compete nationally and regularly perform in exhibition skates.


For more information about joining a Synchro team, please contact the coaches in charge, Amber Williams ( for Synchro only) and Michelle Coetzee ( for Synchro or private coaching bookings) or visit the VicSynchro website.